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What Are Some Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents?

While they aren’t any more common than an automobile accident, the injuries that are a result of a motorcycle accident can be much more serious. For this reason, it’s beneficial for motorcycle riders to hear and understand some… Read More

What Are Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Benefits?

For those that have been involved in a car accident that was caused by someone’s carelessness, you could be eligible for compensation for your lost income, personal injury treatment, pain, suffering and the like. In pursuing compensation, the… Read More

Steps to Take After a Slip and Fall Accident

For those involved in a slip and fall accident on someone else’s property, if there was an unsafe condition that caused this accident, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll need to make a claim. Filing a claim for… Read More

What Do I Need to Know Before Renting a Car?

A major perk of having car insurance is if you’re ever in an accident, you usually are covered for a rental car. While this is a great benefit, there are a few things you should be conscious of… Read More

Avoiding Cycling Accidents

Cycling to and from a location is a popular form of transportation during the summer months. While it is popular, cyclists and motorist should be on alert of each other. There is a high possibility of the two… Read More

Tips for Safe Driving

The amount of automobile accidents that the state of Massachusetts sees is a severe problem. Most times, these accidents can result in injuries, property damage and can cost, those involved, thousands of dollars. For Massachusetts drivers, we have… Read More


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