Steps to Take After a Slip and Fall Accident

For those involved in a slip and fall accident on someone else’s property, if there was an unsafe condition that caused this accident, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll need to make a claim. Filing a claim for your injuries can be done through insurance or in court with a personal injury lawsuit. Determining how the claim or lawsuit turns out will depend on the steps that you take after the accident. Below are some steps we recommend taking after any type of slip and fall accident.

Document What Happened

As soon as you received any necessary medical attention, write down the facts and time of the slip and fall accident. This should include:

  • What was the location, date and time of your accident?
  • What were the lighting and weather conditions?
  • What were you doing when you fell?
  • What caused you to fall and what condition was it?
  • Were there any signs warning you?
  • What kind of shoes were you wearing?
  • What kind of injuries did you receive?
  • Provide contact information for the property owner and anyone else that was involved in the accident.

Photograph Anything Associated to the Accident

If you have the chance, take photographs of the location, damaged property, or anything else that is related to the slip and fall accident. We understand that sometimes this isn’t a possibility. If you slipped on a spilled drink at a restaurant, it will most likely be cleaned up before you’re able to get a photograph of it. If an irregular sidewalk is what caused you to fall, this will most likely be around for some time. Regardless of the situation, take photographs of whatever you think will help you in the long run.

Alert the Property Owner

After you receive any medical attention, alert the property owner with a written notice of the slip and fall accident. This notice will serve the following purposes:

  • The owner can’t claim that they had no knowledge of the accident
  • Prompts the owner to take action on correcting the unsafe property
  • Offers evidence to the jurors that your claim was legitimate since you alerted the property owner immediately with a written notice.

Typically, once the notice is delivered, the property owner will alert his or her insurance company about the situation. You will most likely be contacted by them so be aware of what you are telling them.

Speak With a Lawyer

If you were hurt during a slip and fall and received injuries, you should discuss this with an experienced personal injury attorney. Attorney Stephen M. Forlizzi will walk you through the process and ensure your best chance of receiving the compensation you deserve. For a free consultation, fill out our online contact form or call us at 978-739-4898.

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